Peaceful Luxury with Natural Hot Spring


Facilities & services

  • 24 suites and 4 villas
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Resaurant


  • Relaxation
  • Cultural tours

Perched overlooking Ago Bay, this resort celebrates traditional Japanese mineral hot springs, or onsen, in peaceful tranquility in Ise Shime National Park, renowned for its culture and cuisine.

Each of the 28 suites and villas have a private onsen looking out into the natural surrounds, and large terraces with views of Ago Bay. The resort fuses tradition with modern luxury, blending harmoniously into its surroundings.

Centred around the mineral rich hot springs, this holistic resort focuses on wellness, with a spa offering treatments and a watsu pool. The resort’s restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuising, including the abundant seafood from the local area, as well as the famed Matsusaka variety of Japanese Wagyu beef.

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