Discover the vast and diverse landscapes of Ise Shima National Park. From its magnificent vistas, to its peaceful coves, to it’s stark mountains and dense forest. The National park is a cultural and culinary landmark in Japan boasting shrines dating back to the third century.

The peninsula is not only made up of the beautiful landscape and rugged coastline, but also two cities: Ise & Toba. Ise is well known for it’s array of shrines, most notably Ise Jingu, which dates back almost 2000 years. Toba is a seaport that guards the southern entrance to Ise Bay, and is also where Mikimoto first succeeded in producing cultivated pearls.

The national park’s beautifully rugged coastline intertwines with the rich heritage of Japan combining nature and culture in this truly breathtaking destination.

What to do

  • Visit Mikimoto's Pearl Island
  • Discover the Sacred Ise Shrines
  • Visit Okage Yokocho Village

Accommodation in Ise Shima National Park

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