From its luxury malls to the more dishevelled ‘mansions’, Kowloon is home to some of the most diverse shopping opportunities in South-East Asia.

Just north of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon on the Chinese mainland faces out into Victoria Harbour and here the atmosphere is similarly frenzied, urban and fascinatingly vibrant if not more so, and yet significantly more Chinese than the British-influenced island just beneath it.

There is plenty to do and take in; from riding the Star Ferry across the harbour, watching the nightly laser show (the Symphony of Lights, 8pm every evening) from a typical sky-bar, walking the seafront promenades, to shopping in the many high-end shopping outlets and ateliers. With one of our expert local guides you can also explore the district’s distinctive ‘mansions’; vast, dense, buildings packed with markets and restaurants for a grittier vibe that is nonetheless inseparable from Kowloon’s personality.

What to do

  • Head to sky-bars for world-class cocktails
  • View Victoria Harbour from the Star Ferry
  • Visit the district’s many museums, cultural institutions and parks
  • Dine out on a myriad different cuisines from Chinese to Thai, Indian and Nepalese
  • Stroll the bustling waterfronts