Located in the Guangxi province in southern China, Yangshuo is a region famous for its natural beauty. The Li River courses its way past towering karst peaks, blanketed in lush, green vegetation. In-between this dramatic scenery is a patchwork of rice paddies where people tend to the land in much the same way they have for centuries.

The main city of the region is Guilin, but the smaller town of Yangshou itself is a much quieter and more pleasant place to stay. Although its main street, West Street, is home to numerous cafes, bars and restaurants, it doesn’t take long to escape and find yourself lost in the tranquility of this beautiful region.

The river really is the heart and soul of Yangshuo and drifting along the water on a bamboo raft is a wonderful way to take in the surroundings. It’s also perfectly suited to cycling, and riding from village to village offers a glimpse into life in rural China. You’ll spot the conical hats worn by farmers dotted across the paddies as they plant and harvest rice, water buffalo waiting patiently in the shade until they are needed in the field.

Yangshuo is all about enjoying the great outdoors and the peace and quiet of China’s countryside. It’s the perfect place to unwind after exploring the busy cities and offers the chance to experience a more traditional part of the country.

When to go

Like much of China, Yangshuo is best visited in spring or autumn. You'll be spending lots of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful countryside, so you want to visit when it's not too hot.


What to do

  • Drift along the Li River on a bamboo raft
  • Cycle through local villages
  • Marvel at the meticulously kept rice paddies
  • Rock climb on the region's famous karst peaks

Accommodation in Yangshuo

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