Imperial China's Ancient Guest Quarters

Facilities & services
  • 43 guestrooms
  • Three restaurants, juice bar and a cigar room
  • Underground swimming pool and spa
  • Fitness centre and two squash courts
  • Cinema
  • Library, meeting rooms and wifi
  • Exploring the city
  • Massage
  • Cooking classes
  • Swimming
  • Fitness

Step back into the time and land of the Chinese Ming Dynasty here at the regally ornate Aman Resort. Just moments from the UNESCO-protected Summer Palace, with a secret door leading directly to the iconic landmark, this property was once the guest quarters of the palace and so promises every touch of imperial indulgence.

Housed in authentic pavillions, the luxurious suites surround internal courtyards with traditional wooden screens and bamboo blinds adorning the guestrooms. A sense of tranquility and opulence prevails here and although tradition has been preserved, an impressive array of modern comforts can be sincerely enjoyed.

Three restaurants serve a range of Cantonese and international cuisine, the fabulous underground spa and pool ensure leisure is taken care of, while a cinema, library and yoga studio offer further lavish amenities.

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