Situated in a remote area of Sarawak, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is accessible only by light aircraft, however once you arrive here at Mulu National Park you will be greeted with awe-inspiring natural sights.

Discover a world of soaring peaks and subterranean marvels at the largest cave system found on the planet, with the world’s biggest underground chamber and cave passage which are home to a plethora of bats.

The perfect destination for adventure seekers, you can explore this wildlife-rich rainforest by foot or boat where the only noise to break the silence is the sound of gibbons or the croaking of frogs. There are numerous excellent jungle treks and rewarding mountain hikes to get involved with here, while swimming in the crystalline waters of Clearwater Cave make for a refreshing break from the steamy heat.

What to do

  • Explore the vast cave systems
  • Enjoy rewarding nature treks and trails including the Pinnacles Trail
  • Discover the wealth of flora and fauna