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Top Five Long-haul Destinations for Kids

Written by
Louis Dhont

Children’s activities shouldn’t be an afterthought when it comes to planning your family holiday.

Here are our top five long-haul destinations for kids of all ages.

Lost World Exploration
Cutting edge tech
Active adventure
kid during a Zip-line Tour Guatemala


Put on your explorer’s hat and venture into the ancient ruined city of Tikal and discover the Lost World Pyramid and the Temple of the Grand Jaguar deep in the Guatemalan jungle. Go adventuring with your family across incredible volcanic landscapes and zip-line through magical rainforests.

Tikal, Guatemala

No matter how old you are, take some time to learn about all the different cultures the country is home to and, of course, feast on heaps of delicious Mayan chocolate.

Cacao pods, Amazon


Whether you’re interested in ancient culture or cutting-edge tech, Japan has got you covered. If you’re an anime fan, a highlight of your stay in Japan will no doubt be a visit to the home of Totoro and Cat Bus – Studio Ghibli and the exciting Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.

Harajuku Japan

Feel the rhythm of Japan as you learn Taiko, an ancient form of percussion, and then dress up and try your hand at being a geisha or samurai.

Peru, Choquequirao riuns


Adventurous teenagers can tackle the valleys of Peru on mountain bikes or quad bikes, while younger children might prefer to meet some adorable baby llamas, and dress up and learn about the local communities and their customs.


Our experienced local guides will imaginatively bring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu to life in a fun way for the whole family.

View of Halong Bay, North Vietnam.


Vietnam is not only a breathtakingly beautiful country, but it also has enthralling customs and traditions that will captivate young and old. Learn how to make the traditional lanterns that light up the streets at night and are said to bring happiness and luck, or have a go at throwing traditional fishing nets.

Beautiful beach at coast of Vietnam - Ninh van bay
The beautiful beaches of Ninh Van Bay - the perfect place to relax and unwind

You can also try rice farming, or even ride a buffalo. Then be enthralled by the beautiful art of water puppetry as wooden puppets tell enchanting stories as they dance across the water.

Vietnam Harvest
Pointe Vecchio Bridge, Florence, Italy


There’s certainly no reason for anyone to be bored in Italy. Let your creativity run wild at a mask-making workshop in Venice, take an exciting trip on a gondola or go on a bike ride through the Tuscan countryside, and of course roll up your sleeves and tie on an apron as you learn how to make delicious, authentic Italian pizzas.


Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to live during the time of the gladiators? You can find out with a visit to a gladiator school in Rome, or travel back in time as you explore the ruins of Pompeii and castles across the country.


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