Zanzibar Island, Zanzibar

Fanjove Island

An unparalleled experience

Discreet villas on a sandy shore

On the secluded island of Fanjove, your only companions will be the abundant resident marine life. For accommodation there are 10 discreet beach villas nestled along the sandy shore, with each villa being open at its front to capitalise on the uninterrupted ocean views. The villas also use traditional, natural materials such as sustainable wood, mukuti (palm leaves), and thatch.

For dining, Fanjove Island offers an open-air restaurant and lounge area. Here you can enjoy fusion cuisine served on tables on the beach as you gaze at the starlit skies and appreciate the undisturbed surroundings. The menu reflects the multicultural heritage of the islands and may include outstanding curries or freshly caught fish of the day. For a truly unparalleled experience, sundowners at the top of the 19th century lighthouse can be arranged.

Activities to embark on during your stay on the island include diving and snorkelling to admire the coral reefs that stretch around Fanjove, bird watching, Dhow sailing, and fishing.


10 beach villas nestled on the shore

An open-air restaurant and lounge

Diving and snorkeling excursions

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Zanzibar Island

Mnemba Island Lodge
Mnemba, a small island 4.5 kilometres off the north-eastern coast of Zanzibar, is heaven incarnate. Which makes Mnemba Lodge this nirvana’s only resident hotel and a true desert island escape. The lodge is actively involved in various conservation efforts in the region, including monitoring and protecting the small population of very rare Ader’s duikers found here, and carefully taking care of the coastline and ocean. Ten luxury Zanzabari banda houses are hidden into the island’s Casuarina pine forest whose cooing wild doves and adorable Suni deer make it a very romantic Swiss Robinson world. Each of the bandas are designed to let as much of the outside in with an open plan set out, walls made of coconut matting rolled up to reveal Indian Ocean views, big beds and sofas dressed in plumped-up white linens, handmade furniture, a dressing room, private verandas and an en-suite bathroom. What’s more, apart from the deer and doves the only other people you share the island with are the other guests and staff. The lodge has enchanted a string of impressive guests from royalty to Silicone Valley tycoons, and it isn’t hard to see why. Dinner is always served on the beach (weather permitting) and both the food and staff are magnificent. Also if you’re afraid you’ll get bored on Mnemba, there’s always the lodge’s good list of activities to sway you: choose from learning how to dive with the lodge’s instructors, to watching turtles nest, fly fishing or kayaking.