Secluded Elegant Retreat further up the River from the Falls


Facilities & services

  • 10 suites (River Lodge)
  • 4 island villas (Island Lodge)
  • Spa
  • Dining area and lounge


  • Trips to the falls
  • Kayaking on the river
  • Speedboat trips
  • Fishing

Set on a quiet secluded spot some distance up the Zambezi river. Royal Chundu is a place to come and relax by the river. There are two lodges, the River Lodge of ten suites and the Island Lodge of four large villas. Located on a very quiet stretch of the Zambezi this lodge is extremely luxurious with an excellent spa facility and fine-dining in camp.

Activities here are a mix of river-based relaxation and adventure as well as visits to the Falls.

Positive Impact

Zambian through and through

Royal Chundu is a rare example of a property that is entirely locally owned and staffed. It was created to ensure that the communities who live close by can directly benefit from its existence. Empowering the people who work for the lodge, and their children, takes priority and it is this focus that led to the creation of the Royal Chundu Foundation School.

Digital learners

The lodge has set up and built its own community school between the trees around the lodge. The school currently educates up to three grades of children, ranging in age from four to six years old. Embracing the educational benefits of modern technology, the students learn the entire Zambian curriculum on tablets, giving them access to the digital universe otherwise unknown to them.

From 10 to 500

The school was originally started to educate the children of the staff members but it quickly grew to include the education of children from neighbouring villages. When the school was started two years ago, it was educating 10 children. There are now 50 students enrolled but the Headmistress, Luckie Siamoonga, has identified 500 children who could benefit. Ask about their ‘buy a brick’ campaign if you would like to help!

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