Historic luxury homestead on the Zambezi River


Facilities & services

  • Ten chalets
  • Swimming pool
  • Dining area, bar and lounge


  • Game drives to Mosi-ao-Tunya National Park
  • Boating trips
  • Fishing and sport fishing
  • White water rafting
  • Bungee jumping
  • Abseiling
  • Helicopter flights

This owner-run lodge commands a magnificent vantage point and views on a sweeping bend on the Zambezi River.

What’s more, this elegant 1940s homestead offer a glimpse into the region’s past with the owner, Peter Jones, and his team of guides helping to bring alive the history of Livingstone. What started as a settler trading post became a destination for Royal travellers and Hollywood stars, and the area is just as popular today.

Perhaps the most important point to remember is that The River Club is the place where there are no early 05:30 wake up calls, for here guests are encouraged to lie in and enjoy the surroundings. The ‘Do Nothing Activity’ (DNA) around one of the most magnificent pools we know is very popular indeed, especially at the end of a safari.

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