Wide plains, mountains and wetlands meet in the expansive Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the largest parks in Uganda.

Immerse yourself in the breath-taking beauty of seemingly endless miles of classic savanna. Located not far from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, many visitors make the journey to search for the elusive tree-climbing lions in the southern Ishasha sector of the park.

A little over five hours from Kampala, the park includes parts of lakes Edward and George which are linked by the Kazinga Channel. Lavish accommodation means that guests get to enjoy all the region has to offer in the utmost luxury.

Join a ranger and explore bushy grasslands, acacia woodlands, lake shores and swamps as you look out for some of the over 95 species of mammal and 612 species of birds the park is home to. Cape buffalo, warthog, lion, leopard, hyena and elephant roam the grasslands, while African skimmers, pink-backed pelicans, storks, eagles and flamingos keep watch over the skies and waters. Take a cruise along the channel to fully experience the park’s vibrant wildlife.