Constance Ephelia


Facilities & services

  • 184 Junior Suites, 40 Senior Suites, 18 Family Villas, 4 Spa Villas, 12 Beach Villas, 8 Hillside Villas and One Presidential Villa
  • Four pools
  • Five restaurants and bars
  • Spa village
  • Yoga pavillion
  • Kids club
  • Five on-site shops featuring locally made products
  • Internet access


  • Diving and snorkelling
  • Water sports
  • Visits to Port Launay marine national park

Picture yourself on a white sand beach, bordered by turquoise waters and 120 hecters of verdant green forest. You’re at the Constance Ephelia, part of the Constance Unique Resorts collection, on an exotic escape to the island of Mahé in the luxurious Seychelles archipelago.

You’ve slept soundly in your opulent, spacious and contemporary beach villa and awoken feeling revived. Deciding where to have your freshly prepared lunch is the toughest choice you’ll face today: the resort has no fewer than five restaurants to choose from, each with their own unique style and taste.

After lunch, you don your snorkelling mask and are transported to an enchanting underwater realm of exquisite granite reefs and lonely wrecks, preserved by strict conservation rules. Or choose to visit the fascinating marine national park of Port Launay which the resort overlooks.

On your return, there’s just time to treat yourself to a trip to the Spa Village for some well-deserved pampering – this is the holiday of a life time after all. Then it’s time for dinner and a magical evening spent in the company of loved ones, stargazing and flitting between the resort’s five restaurant bars.

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