A traditional African adventure on foot


Facilities & services

  • Light weight tents moved nightly
  • Bucket showers
  • Exclusive use of 4WD Safari vehicle and dedicated guide and spotter

Fly camping takes its name from sleeping in the bush under nothing more than a flysheet, as was the camping tradition before the luxury-laden era of glamping arrived. The premise is that you spend your days walking, and the nights sleeping out in light weight tents, in a makeshift camp that moves each day – the end of each day’s walk brings you to your new site for the night.

Accompanied by specialist guides, walking takes you further off the beaten track, and off any track entirely, away from any sign of human habitation allowing your senses to really come alive in a place where they evolved – the African plains. The walks are at your own pace, with plenty of stops on the way to marvel at sightings along the way, and cosy beds, warm bucket showers and a hearty meal around the campfire await at the end of the day.

the pace is set by you, and is punctuated by plenty of stops along the way to discover, learn and marvel at the infinite fascinations you will chance upon. And at the day’s end, creature comforts await: cosy beds, warm bucket showers, and a hearty meal around the campfire as you gaze up at the stars.

Fly camping can be done as a night in between time at a main camp, such as nearby Serian Serengeti South or Serian Kusini, or make a two or three day adventure of it, adding a whole new dimension to your experience and a taste of the wilderness that few others ever encounter.

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