Comfort and charm by the crater


Facilities & services

  • 18 cottages
  • African Living Spa
  • Working farm


  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area forest walk
  • Waterfall and elephant caves walk
  • Village walk
  • Birdwatching
  • Garden tour
  • Farm walk and tour

This is a wonderfully comfortable and charming lodge, set in a working farm within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. A short drive from the famous Ngorongoro Crater surrounded by forest and gardens Gibb’s Farm gives you some peace and quiet away from the bustling traffic that congregates around the busy crater rim. This interesting working farm is a great place to get out of the safari vehicle and walk the 95 acres of farm and forest that make up Gibb’s. The farmhouse itself is surrounding by rather charming English gardens and where you can simply relax and enjoy the organic coffee that is processed and roasted just outside the door of the lodge.

Each of the 18 cottages is very interestingly decorated with names and themes relating to different aspects of the farm and surrounding communities. Each cottage has its own unique story which certainly adds a certain charm to the place. The warm main dining area is perfect to relax with a good book, or you could simply enjoy a turn about the gardens. Activities around here are plentiful and either take in the surrounding farm and village or you could go further afield and explore the Conservation Area that the lodge sits adjacent to. Either way, Gibb’s Farm offers you the chance to relax within a beautiful area before you explore the Crater itself.

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