Naturally Elegant Safari Lodge


Facilities & services

  • 3 suites
  • WiFi
  • Pool
  • Lounge
  • BBQ area
  • Spa treatments


  • Game Drives
  • Sleep Outs
  • Star Bath

Also set in the Makalali Conservancy and positioned near but separate from the Garonga Main Safari Lodge, is the Little Garonga property made up of three suites suited for exclusive hire by families or a group of friends.

The design is a typically steep thatched roof and timber-framed building with more Moroccan and northern African-style interiors. Sparsely furnished with rough plastered walls painted in warm earth tones, the effect is one of natural elegance and characteristic comfort.

The main area features lovely decking with a pool and dining area, barbecue, a comfortable lounge as well as the option for ‘star baths’ and spa treatments.

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