A jaw-dropping landscape and the largest canyon in Africa, Fish River also happens to be one of Africa’s lesser-visited wonders, so there’s a good chance you’ll get this staggering sight all to yourself.

161 kilometres long, 27 kilometres wide and 550 metres at its deepest, this is Africa’s largest canyon and an ancient ravine terrain whittled by time: some rocks found here date back some 1,800 million years and at various bends in the river signs have been left by Stone Age people living there 50,000 years ago.

Fish River is Namibia’s longest interior river and even during the driest parts of the year there are still pools of water to be found, attracting thirsty animals. And whilst this is one of the country’s natural wonders, it’s also an area to behold in terms of scenery and archaeology, it is also an off the beaten track adventurer’s paradise with hot springs, hiking trails, private reserves, the Ai-Ais National Park, not to mention much wildlife to see and thrilling activities to enjoy.

What to do

  • Scenic flights over the gorges, ravines and stark, contorted landscapes.
  • There are various hiking trails and treks including the Fish River Canyon Trail (85km-long § quite difficult in high temperatures)
  • Take a swim in the river
  • Wildlife to see: Hartmanâ??s Mountain Zebra, Kudu, Klipspringer Antelope, Baboons, Leopards, Dassies,Birds: Not often spotted, but are present in the region are Black Eagle, Rock kestrel, Rook Pigeon, Ostrich, Herons, Cormorants and Kingfisher

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