Elegant, Uncomplicated Luxury


Facilities & services

  • 13 beachfront villas
  • Dive Centre
  • Lounge and pool
  • Castaway Restaurant
  • Sunset bar


  • Snorkelling and Diving
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Castaway picnics
  • Whale-watching Expeditions

Set on a private coral island in the Indian Ocean, it’s difficult to think of somewhere more romantic than Vamizi. A private island, accessible by only helicopter or flight aircraft, this beautiful location is utterly exclusive.

There are 13 large villas, each spaciously set apart with their own stretch of beach. Rooms are beautifully decorated with white billowing white muslin and stylish fixtures and fittings. It’s all about simplicity here so there’s no TV and no air-con (nor any need for it with the light sea breeze).

Apart from your villa and the beach, Vamizi has a main lounge area and another restaurant on the south side of the island. For the more energetic, there are many different activities, with world-class snorkelling and diving (where you share the sea with no-one but the marine life itself), fishing and kayaking.

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