Impeccable Service & Superb Luxury in the South of the Island


Facilities & services

  • 61 suites, 17 villas:
  • (junior suites, luxury villas, luxury suite villas, 2 bedrooms suite villas, shanti villas)
  • Pool
  • Bar / Lounge
  • 3 Restaurants
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Picnics
  • Full Spa
  • Grandma's Kitchen (local home dining)


  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Watersports (kayaking, sailing, dolphin watching, windsurfing, deep sea fishing and waterskiing)
  • Local Excursions : snorkelling to Blue Bay Marine Park, submarine trips, parasailing,undersea walking, scuba diving, kitesurfing, catamaran cruises, skydiving, quad biking, hiking, horseriding, horse racing and cultural excursions..)

You wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the best hotels in Mauritius, but Shanti Maurice still manages to exceed expectations.

Sitting in the very south of the Island within landscaped gardens and bordering one of the island’s typical tropical beaches (some of the villas and suites are situated closer than others), this very well-equipped member of the Leading Hotels of the World has 61 suites and 17 villas in amongst three restaurants, organic kitchen gardens and an estate that feels entirely yours.

There is a category of room to suit all, from families to honeymooners seeking seclusion, a full spa with Indian Ayurvedic treatments and an excellent team of therapists, swimming pool, beach, and three restaurants each specialising in a different cuisine. ‘Stars’ serves gourmet Cape cuisine with local ingredients and touches, ‘Pebbles’ is typically Mauritian gastronomy dishing up delicious curries and Creole creations, artisan pastries for breakfast and even offers a wellness menus for guests. The Fish and Rhum shack is a typical beachside barbecue and grill affair filled with fresh fish and seafood caught that very day, an easy going atmosphere, beers from the local distillery and live Sega music. Picnics and local home dining can be arranged as well.

The service is impeccable and there is an endless list of activities from catamaran cruises, dolphin watching, cultural excursions and even sky diving.

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