An Arctic exploration of Svalbard by sea, travelling past glistening glaciers, indomitable icebergs and wonderful wildlife

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Suggested places to visit

Itinerary highlights

  • Discover the capital city of Norway with a private tour
  • Explore Svalbard's incredible fjords on an 11-day expedition cruise
  • Visit the sites of Andrée, Amundsen and Nobile's heroic expeditions to the North Pole
  • Look out for polar bears in Spitsbergen
  • Discover the enormous ice cap on the island of Nordaustlandet

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  • Privately guided tours and experiences mentioned on this itinerary
  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Full support from your travel designer and concierge before, during and after your trip
  • All internal flights
  • Private transfers
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At a glance

This incredible journey transports you from Norway’s capital and most populous city through to the serenity and otherworldly landscapes of the Svalbard islands.

Starting in Oslo you’ll enjoy a privately guided tour of all the highlights this peaceful city has to offer. At the Viking Ship Museum you can learn all about the history of this land and its seafaring warriors, while from the top of the very steep Holmenkollen ski jump, you’ll enjoy wonderful views of Oslo on a clear day.

Flying over to Svalvbard airport you will board the beautiful yet indomitable MS Sjøveien. Your cruise through the tranquil waters of Svalbard is weather and wildlife dependent, and your captain will steer course based on conditions as well as where the much sought out arctic animals appear along your journey.

You’ll glide through the fjord of love, Liefdefjorden, where you’ll be cradled by snow-covered mountain peaks and can see common eiders and pinkfooted geese nesting, before reveling in the beauty of the sculptured 14th of July Glacier in Krossfjorden.

For an insight into this country’s history, you’ll visit the north west Spitsbergen village of Ny-Ålesund where Amundsen and Nobile as well as Swedish explorer Andrée and American journalist Wellman began their individual, courageous attempts to reach the North Pole.

Animal lovers will rejoice at the good chances of encountering walruses, Arctic fox and Svalbard reindeer over in the eastern island of Nordaustlandet while over in south west Spitsbergen, specifically the grand fjords of Hornsund, you’ll get the chance to sight Svalbard’s polar bears and bearded seals.

You’ll finish your adventure back in Norway with a cultural excursion to Tromso’s museum and the world’s most northerly aquarium, before heading home filled with memories to last a lifetime.

Example trip itinerary

Day 1-3


Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel

Accommodation in Oslo

Oslo waterfront, Norway
Oslo city tour Oslo city tour

This privately guided tour of Norway's capital will be structured with your interests in mind. Your local guide will introduce you to some of the city's most important and interesting sites. You could take a tour of the Viking Ship Museum and learn all about the Scandinavians who explored Europe by its seas and rivers. Stop in at the open-air Norwegian Folk Museum, the country's largest museum of cultural history, where there are a variety of exhibitions of folk art, costumes, toys and Sami culture. Or spend some time in the Vigeland Sculpture Park which boasts more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron, all crafted by Gustav Vigeland. You can also take a turn past Holmenkollen ski jump hill and the Ski Museum below it. The museum's exhibitions outline 4000 years of ski history.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to Oslo airport


Flight from Oslo to Svalbard


Private transfer to the port

Days 3-13

Svalbard Cruise

Your Expedition Ship

MS Sjøveien cruise MS Sjøveien cruise

Today you'll embark on the expedition ship and sail out through the spectacular Isfjorden. The exact itinerary depends on weather factors and on the wildlife encountered. The aim is to make landings every day. Here are some examples of places you may visit:

Iceberg Norway
Svalbard's incredible fjords Svalbard's incredible fjords

Svalbard offers its visitors countless spectacular fjords. During your journey you will explore a few of them such as the Liefdefjorden, which means “The fjord of love”. This fjord is lined with snow-covered mountain peaks and here you will cruise along the face of the spectacular Monaco Glacier. Many common eiders and pinkfooted geese nest in this area. In Krossfjorden you will revel in the beautifully sculptured front of the 14th of July Glacier to the raucous greeting of the large number of kittiwakes and Brünnich’s guillemots nesting on the nearby cliffs. While Raudfjorden is an area of immense natural beauty – dominated by beautiful glaciers. It is also a favourite spot for seals and the bird cliffs are bursting with activity.

Northwest Spitsbergen Northwest Spitsbergen

The scientific village of Ny-Ålesund is situated in Kongsfjorden. It was from here that Amundsen and Nobile started their heroic expeditions to the North Pole. Two other courageous attempts to reach the North Pole started on the island of Danskøya. Swedish explorer Andrée made an attempt with a hydrogen balloon and American journalist Wellman started with an airship and there are still interesting remnants from these expeditions left on this fascinating site for you to discover.

Eastern Svalbard Eastern Svalbard

The island of Nordaustlandet is covered by an enormous ice cap which fascinates naturalists as well as historians. There are huge glacier fronts here, intersected by hundreds of waterfalls. Barentsøya and Edgeøya offer magnificent landscapes and vast tundra. Chances to encounter walruses, Arctic fox and Svalbard reindeer are good here.

Southwest Spitsbergen Southwest Spitsbergen

The grand fjords of Hornsund offer spectacular glaciers and a breathtaking landscape of towering mountain peaks, often reaching above the clouds. On a clear day you can see the summit of the highest mountain Hornsundtind, measuring 1431 meters. Hornsund is a favourite haunt for some of Svalbard’s polar bears and bearded seals are often seen resting on the fjord ice.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to the airport


Flight to Tromso


Private transfer to your hotel

Days 13-15


Accommodation in Tromso

Half day exploring Tromso and its museums Half day exploring Tromso and its museums

This morning head into Tromso to acquaint yourself with the vibrant city and visit some of its best museums. During the tour you will see the Polar museum and Polaria, the world's most northerly aquarium.

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Private transfer to the airport

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