Minimalist Home Away from Home with Apartment-like Rooms


Facilities & services

  • 17 guestrooms
  • Restaurant and wine bar
  • Terrace
  • WiFi


  • Explore the city

Based in central Reykjavík, Kvosin is styled with a simple, clean and modern character and enjoys a home away from home feel.

While a keypad and code replaces your typical hotel room key, the guestrooms are reminiscent of mini apartments with bundles of space and contemporary comforts including a fully-equipped kitchenette. Adding to the hotel’s quirky vibe, accommodation sizes are divided up – not as generic rooms and suites – but as ‘Normal’, ‘Bigger’, ‘Biggest’ and an impressive ‘Larger than Life’.

A friendly team go one step further to enhance Kvosin’s amiable ambience and remind you to head up to the top-floor terrace to soak up lovely lake views and then down to the wine bar for a fantastic range of drinks.

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