Built in 2005, the Refugio Amazonas is an excellent option in the Tambopata region of the Peruvian Amazon. The 24 room lodge is located in a private 200 hectare reserve some 3 hours boat trip from Puerto Maldonado. Mosquitos are not really a problem in the area allowing the rooms to have one side fully open to the forest for a fully immersive experience. Built in a remote area with sustainability in mind, there is no electricity with light provided by kerosene lamps.

There is scientific research going on along side the activities of the lodge. Many of the guides are scientists and researchers themselves allowing guests to help in the activities and gain a greater insight into this abundant and special habitat. Activities include visits to parakeet and mammal clay licks, the canopy tower, walks through the forest and night time safaris as well as some more adventurous optional extra activities such as camping overnight in the forest.

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