Private Colonial Villa built on the remains of a Maya Pyramid

Facilities & services
  • One bedroom
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Living area
  • Patio and back garden
  • Plunge pool
  • Wi-Fi

Enjoy colonial privacy at this charming private villa: Casa Azul. Based in the Izamal area, this property perfectly blends homely comforts with the first-class luxuries of a top hotel.

Featuring a master bedroom, living area, fully equipped kitchen and a plunge pool, Casa Azul provides you with all the necessary amenities – plus extra indulgences to enjoy.

However, intrigue lies out in the garden where the remains of a Maya Pyramid are found. Rest, relax and dine al fresco in this fascinating garden when you’re not discovering the local archaeological sites or the one-block away Franciscan convent.

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