A Charming, Traditional Hotel with Outstanding Service.


Facilities & services

  • 49 guest suites
  • Internet access
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Currency exchange
  • Gift shops


  • Privately guided historical tours around the city to see its museums, cathedrals, palaces, galleries and famous residences
  • Tours to the nearby town of Jerez
  • Guided shopping excursions

A spectacularly unique property that drums up a whole lot of local character and Hispanic style, Quinta Real is actually built into the grandstand of the town’s restored San Pedro bullfighting ring. A truly original hotel in many ways, it was awarded the prestigious International Architecture Award shortly after its completion in 1989.

Forty-nine spacious suites are dressed and decorated in a classic colonial style, folding into its hospitality the era and style that the historical city of Zacatecas is so well known for. Plasma TVs and air conditioning add comfort and modernity to this period property and your stay.

The hotel’s refined La Plaza restaurant serves a gourmet take on local and regional cuisine, and is atmospherically set on the edge of the former bullfighting arena itself. Its Botarel bar is equally ambient, with exposed brickwork and flickering candles, and is a great place to relax, enjoy fine wines and live music as you mingle with the locals in this popular night spot.

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