Ornate Downtown Mansion


Facilities & services

  • 40 rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Spa (massages only)
  • Two Jacuzzis
  • Rooftop terrace


  • San Jose tours
  • Cafe Britt coffee trip
  • Pueblo Antiguo excursion
  • Various, tailor-made day trips to Poas, Arenal, a Calypso Catamaran Cruise and to most of the major surrounding national parks

This traditional and elaborate mansion in the city’s downtown district is surprisingly cosy, but naturally classy and luxurious.

Grano de Oro is a grand and tropical Victorian casona, very familial in feel with its heavily embellished interiors strewn with antiques, faded family photos, original art pieces, dark woods, deep carpets and stone tiles.

Lit by the warm glow of wall lanterns, its forty rooms are well equipped with TVs and internet. Choose a standard room for comfort and a more modern style. Both the views and decor improve with the category rank. The Vista de Oro suite is wonderfully decorated in period ceramic floor tiles, wood panelling, with rich rugs and throws. The Garden Suite is similarly adorned but also has its own private garden and patio.

On the ground floor is the restaurant with half its tables set in the hotel’s charming atrium circling a Spanish-tiled fountain surrounded by stained glass windows and the shuttered corridor balconies spilling over with vivid green plant life. The chef is French, the menu extensive, and its tables are often frequented by locals as well as guests. At night the rooftop terrace is a great place to relax, have a drink or try out the Jacuzzi.

Set in the heart of San Jose in the Barrio don Bosco neighbourhood, this is a delightful hotel; a great place for exploring the city or stopping over on your way further into Costa Rica or flying out.

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