An immersive Amazon experience

Facilities & services
  • Four cabins
  • Main pavilion
  • Open kitchen
  • Forest walks
  • River trips
  • Canoeing
  • Community visits
  • Birdwatching
  • Fishing

Calanoa Lodge can be found in the heart of Colombia’s portion of the Amazon forest in a private natural reserve on the banks of the Amazon River.

Surrounded by exotic greenery where birds, monkeys, butterflies and more live, it is a small lodge with just four cabins designed in an architectural style that blends traditional materials with modern lines and open sides to let in immersive jungle views (and not mosquitoes). These can accommodate up to eight people in separate bedrooms on different floors, but couples and small families will get a cabin to themselves.

A board path connects the cabins with the main pavilion where there’s hammocks, river views and a communal dining area. Calanoa’s cuisine is a fusion of local Amazonian traditions with Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian cuisine, made with organic and fresh local produce.

Activities at Calanoa range from hiking the Calanoa Natural Reserve and the Amacayacu National Park with experienced indigenous guides, river trips and canoeing, exploration of diverse kind of forests, camping in the forest, and visits to indigenous communities. Specialist interests such as sport fishing and bird watching can also be catered for.

Positive Impact

The Calanoa Project

The Calanoa Project works with the indigenous villages that surround the Amacayacu Natural Park, supporting educational processes, conservation of biological resources, sustainable economic practices and the preservation of ancestral knowledge and cultural practices. From the design stage to construction, maintenance and operation, everything is done in partnership with the local indigenous communities. They are the original inhabitants of the forest, and the lodge recognises that they depend on their knowledge of resources and traditional techniques.

Sustainable methods

The building of the settlement has been a laboratory for natural and sustainable architecture, with endless research into traditional techniques, local materials, wood and natural fibres, raw earth and ceramic, landscape architecture, alternative energies and water treatment, as well as the practice of appropriate forest management. The hub of this conservation project is 125 acres of land – the starting point for a natural reserve and a collection of tropical fruits, medicinal and useful Amazonian plants for a self-sufficient settlement. Hundreds of hardwood trees, fruits and palms have been planted in order to supply food, fibres and building materials.

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