Palatial grandeur


Facilities & services

  • Ten rooms and suites
  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Lap pool
  • Four-hole mini golf course


  • Yoga and meditation
  • Sanskrit classes
  • Astrology
  • Private dining experiences
  • Croquet

Set among beautiful gardens, mango orchards and marigold and jasmine fields is Nadesar Palace, a 19th-century colonial palace and once a guest house for the officials of the East India Company. With just ten rooms, the hotel is grand yet intimate and is a real oasis of calm.

The hotel is dedicated to and named after the Goddess Nadesari, and there is a shrine to the deity in front of the building. Inside, the walls are adorned with works of art from the Maharaja’s personal collection while the rooms are filled with antique furniture and decorated in the same hues as the flowers that are offered to the holy Ganges.

A lap pool is set within perfectly manicured gardens and for those looking for ultimate relaxation, the spa offers a range of treatments inspired by India’s ancient healing techniques. Once you’ve built your energy reserves back up, take to the mini four-hole golf course.

One of the joys of travelling to India is sampling the food. The restaurant, which harks back to the bygone era of the Raj, serves traditional Indian cuisine alongside more international dishes. Private dining experiences are available to make your stay extra special, including a poolside Indian barbecue that is cooked in front of you while you enjoy the mesmerising music of sitar and tabla players.

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