Shakti Ladakh Village Experience


Facilities & services

  • Eight village houses
  • Bedroom, bathroom, living room and terrace
  • Dome tents for extended trips


  • Village walks
  • Visits to schools, monasteries and markets

Embarking on a Shakti village walk allows you to not only experience the magnificent landscapes of northern India, but to get an insight into life in one of the world’s remotest corners.

Travelling with local porters and guides, you will visit schools, monasteries and markets to better underdstand the local culture and customs. Your route will take you off the beaten track to the smaller villages in the Indus Valley. Along the way you will stay in traditional village houses which have been renovated to offer comfort and style, without losing any of their charm.

There are eight houses spread across the area, each one built in a traditional fashion using sun-baked mud bricks and wooden beams made from local poplar and willow. They are then plastered with a mix of white clay and water, giving them their distinct whitewashed finish. Although the houses are simple, they are a real haven to retreat to after a day of hiking. Each house can accommodate up to six guests in three bedrooms, most of which are en suite. Living rooms feature traditional Ladhaki cushion seating, coffee table and a small library of books and games. There is also a kitchen and dining area, as well as a sun terrace with wicker furniture and a gazebo for shade.

Those emabarking on a longer trek will spend some time sleeping in dome tents kitted out with inflatable mattresses, pillows, duvets and blanket. These camps also feature a dining tent, two shower tents and a sink with running water for every tent. This is an incredible opportunity to experience the true vastness of the Ladakh landscape as you sleep under the clear starry sky.

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