Tadoba's finest eco-lodge


Facilities & services

  • 12 suites
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor and outdoor dining
  • Ourdoor cinema


  • Game drives
  • Nature walks

Tadoba is Maharashtra’s oldest national park and a convenient two-hour journey from the ‘orange city’ of Nagpur. Just 300m from the Kolara Gate to the park is Svasara, a luxury lodge with a strong commitment to preserving the natural environment of the park and its tiger population.

Svasara is an old Sanskrit word meaning ‘nest’ and this eco-lodge certainly is a place of security and comfort. Spread across ten acres of land, the lodge consists of 12 suites, each with air conditioning and its own private verandah.

At the centre of the lodge lies the Teak House. The house is modelled on the garden pavilions popularised by the Maratha kings who ruled Central India and it is the perfect place to relax with a drink before or after game drives. Guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines, from the local Vardi cuisine to the rich Moghlai food of the north and the softer flavours of the south. Enjoy open-air dining by the organic garden, where many of the ingredients come from.

Among the species that call Tadoba Park home are tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, deer and crocodiles. The biggest threat to the animal populations is loss of habitat, and Svasara is commited to reforestation. The lodge is built on land that had been devestated by intensive farming and overgrazing and in the last year, 1000 trees have been planted, with thousands more growing in the nursery.

When you’re not out spotting the park’s majestic wildlife, you can take to the walking trails that run through the grounds, take a dip in the pool, relax with a spa treatment and even catch a movie in the outdoor jungle cinema.

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