A Sami experience


Facilities & services

  • Up to five lavvu tents
  • Wood cabin with dining room and sauna

Sápmi Nature Camp an authentic, personal and sustainable camp that is a fabulous place from which to experience the unspoiled nature of Swedish Lapland above the Arctic Circle.

The camp consists of up to five traditional lavvu tents comfortably furnished with double beds, wood-fired stoves and simple Sami furniture, each stood on a wooden platform, spread out around a small cabin close to a central cabin with a dining room and warm outhouse.

Run by Lennart Pittja who grew up in a reindeer herding Sami family here, continuing a tradition that dates back thousands of years, you can expect an intimate experience of not only the wilderness, but of the unique culture here which the camp aims to envelop guests in.

There’s no electricity in the camp at all and during the winter light come from fire, candles, kerosene lamps and battery LED-lamps, but with the moon, stars and northern lights reflecting in the snow, it’s not as dark as you’d expect. In the summer, the camp perfectly placed for long summer days.

Positive Impact

Sápmi Nature Camp is a small scale camp  committed to responsible tourism so that it does not threaten the traditional practice of reindeer herding here but instead shares the knowledge of the Sami people.

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