Old World seaside grandeur


Facilities & services

  • 181 rooms
  • Two restaurants, two bars and a cafe
  • Connected indoor and outdoor pools
  • Exclusive beach
  • Kempinski Rose Spa
  • Fitness centre

It’s all in the name. Indulge in the opulence and grandeur of the high-end Hotel Kempinski Palace, its brilliant and distinct façade looking out onto the Adriatic coastline of Slovenia. Opened as the height of luxury in 1910, it has recently been completely renovated to bring this glamour into the new century.

181 rooms are indicative of the elegance inherent within the hotel’s walls, each carrying with it a character of old-world charm with the most modern facilities and amenities. Take in the rich views from its various terraces and balconies, the perfect place to settle down for an early morning cappuccino before heading to the breakfast buffet within the gilded walls of the Crystal Hall.

Indeed, the gastronomic options are of the highest quality. The cuisine varies from menu to menu, with the Mediterranean flavours of Restaurant Sophia, so named because of its hosting of famous beauty Sophia Loren, to the fusion of Restaurant Fleur de Sel. Savour the sweet life by sampling French confectionaries and Austrian coffee-house blends of the Forma Viva and Ladies’ Saloon while there are three bars in which you can kick back with a cocktail or spirit of your choice.

No trip to this most lovely location would be complete without a visit to the Kempinski Rose Spa, a veritable paradise of beauty treatments, massages, baths and saunas. The fitness centre means you will be able to stay in shape, using the state-of-the-art equipment as well as the magnificent seawater swimming pool.

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