One of Munich's grandest and most reputable hotels


Facilities & services

  • 337 rooms and suites
  • Six restaurants
  • Five bars
  • Cinema
  • Comedy club
  • Night club
  • Spa
  • Pool
  • Gym

A sublime and striking hotel dating back to the 1840s, offering a combination of its past affluence and the modern influences of the present day, Bayerischer Hof will immediately showcase luxury and splendour to those who walk through its doors. Blessed by a superb location, guests at the hotel will be just steps from Munich’s central square, Marienplatz, as well as the city’s old town and the best of its shopping scene, ensuring it serves as an ideal base for discovering Munich’s highlights.

The hotel’s 19th-century façade is the first thing that will greet guests, with this sense of classical grandeur continuing within its interior in the shape of striking furnishings and architectural styles, while many of the rooms take on a historical theme. Despite this, there’s a significant modern edge also to be found throughout the hotel, courtesy of the vision of a renowned designer. This ensures that there’s a mixture of heritage and contemporary features found across the hotel’s 337 rooms and suites, all enjoying plenty of space, as well as a warm and tranquil vibe, with stylish bathrooms being another bonus.

The hotel is blessed by a range of fantastic facilities, including a collection of superb dining avenues, of which the three Michelin-starred ‘Atelier’ rules the roost. Here, guests can enjoy a choice of a five or seven-course menu, serving up some of Europe’s most exciting and innovative cuisine. Of the six on-site bars, including one found in the hotel’s very own night club, the award-winning ‘Falk’s Bar’ is the most fascinating, found in the famous Hall of Mirrors, which dates back to 1839 and is the only room at the hotel to have survived WWII unscathed. The benefits don’t end there, as guests can also do everything from being pampered in the wonderful spa and taking a soak in the inviting swimming pool, to enjoying a comedy show at the in-house theatre and catching a film at the cinema.

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