A home stay experience in Chiang Mai


Facilities & services

  • Ten guestrooms
  • Restaurant


  • Cooking classes
  • Traditional massage
  • Bicycle rides
  • Hikes

Located an hour to the north of Chiang Mai and close to the rural town of Phrao, Khum Lanna is set deep in a picturesque valley with rice paddies and fruit orchards covering the surrounding countryside..

Khum Lanna itself is in fact made up of two traditional Northern Thai-style teak houses containing a total of ten guestrooms, each furnished in rich textiles and woods, and finished in part with locally woven fabrics. Rooms are all en suite, and lead onto a large open social and dining area, creating an easy going and friendly atmosphere amongst guests. The houses are set within the beautiful gardens and orchard, with much of the seasonal herbs and fruits being used in the excellent cooking school and the mouth-watering meals from the kitchens.

Activities range from cooking classes and learning about the regions wealth in traditional and herbal medicines, to ox-cart and water buffalo rides or cycling to nearby villages and trekking in the surrounding foothills.

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