Luxurious and Elegant Ryokan


Facilities & services

  • 10 guest rooms and suites
  • Hot springs
  • Dinner and breakfast included


  • Kakusenkei Gorge
  • Natadera Temple
  • Kanazawa

This luxury ryokan is located in the small hot springs village of Yamanaka, which is untouched by time. Surrounded by thick forested hills and stunning natural beauty, find yourself immersed in rich Japanese culture whilst you unwind at this tranquil inn.

The 10 guest rooms and suites are arranged in the traditional sukiya style of a tea ceremony pavilion. The decor is discreet and elegant from the tatami walkways to the original painted screens, the luxury and exclusive ambience of this ryokan is undeniable. During your stay relax in the natural hot springs renowned for their soothing and curative properties.

The piece de resistance of this ryokan is the cuisine. During your stay you will be served in your room, feasting on the delicious true Japanese kaiseki cuisine. Taste the exquisite local ingredients you are in for a true culinary delight.

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