A Traditional Japanese Inn


Facilities & services

  • 48 guest rooms and suites
  • Hot springs
  • Dinner and breakfast included


  • Spa
  • Old town
  • Hida Folk Village

In-keeping with Takayama’s traditional Japanese culture, this luxury ryokan is praised for its high level of hospitality. From the moment you enter this high-end resort you will be greeted by a serving lady, who will take care of you from arrival to departure.

The 48 guest rooms echo the traditional Japanese cultural emphasis on beauty and nature, incorporating natural timber to create a relaxing atmosphere. This is mirrored in the zen gardens that surround the hot-spring bath, where you can unwind after a busy day reaping the benefits of these healing waters.

During your stay you will taste the delicious local cuisine, which is heavily influenced by Japanese seasonal delicacies from the local river fish to the Hida beef.

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