An homely inn close to Mano Bay


Facilities & services

  • 12 Japanese-style rooms
  • 28 Western-style rooms
  • Restaurant

Ryokan Urashima is located close to Mano Bay to the west of the central part of Sado Island on a stretch of coastline popular with bathers.

Originally, Urashima started out as a fish shop, and with the change of the times, it transformed itself into a caterer’s shop, and then into a Japanese-style restaurant. It was in 1980 that Urashima became an inn. Late at night there were no means of transportation available for the guests who would go home after enjoying the dinner. Providing guests with a place to stay, Ryokan Urashima came into being.

Today the inn remains popular among islanders as well as visitors, maintaining its authentic feel. The inn itself has two elements – the East Building, designed by Hiroshi Naito, one of Japan’s leading architects, and the South Building by prominent architect Japanese Koh Kitayama, a modern design with the building enveloped in glass.

Being the original attraction, the seafood here is a real highlight and the chef personally goes out to the fish market to get the best fresh catch daily. The in-season dishes such as abalones, stonefish and rosy sea bass here are renowned among locals and visitors alike.

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