A modern oasis in the French Quarter


Facilities & services

  • 62 guestrooms
  • Outdoor pool
  • Restaurant
  • Gift shop
  • Access to the Shinta Mani Angkor's spa, restaurant and bar

With its sister hotel, Shinta Mani Angkor across the road, this resort is just as polished, although more substantial in size, with 62 guestrooms. Its French Quarter location also adds to the delightful ambience, and the tropical garden sets a most peaceful scene. Similarly to Shinta Mani Angkor, this resort takes a responsible outlook to tourism and strives to give back to the local community, with a variety of programs.

Built around a black-lined pool, the guestrooms each feature a balcony or terrace, overlooking the turquoise waters. Walls of chalky black are adorned with Khmer art, and splashes of orange give warmth to the interior.

Baitong, the hotel’s plant-filled eatery, serves international and local cuisine, paying particular attention to Khmer street food. Guests can also dine at Shinta Mani Angkor’s restaurant, Kroya and enjoy a drink at Bensley’s Bar. Shinta Mani Shack’s responsible approach extends to its plastic-free practices, and guests can fill up their water bottles at stations around the grounds.

Located next to the property is a tourism hospitality school, funded by the Shinta Mani Foundation. Guests can visit the school during the week and pick up a few trinkets at the hotel’s shop that also supports the foundation. There’s no on-site spa, but those in search of some pampering post-exploring the sights can stroll over to Shinta Mani Angkor’s spa.

Positive Impact

Clean water, bicycles and education for all

The Shinta Mani Foundation provides education, financial assistance and healthcare to Cambodian youth. They have built 1310 wells and 97 homes, sponsored 229 graduates through school, funded 641 bicycles, facilitated over 4000 medical appointments and contributed 55 micro-loans. Shinta Mani is a true leader in responsible travel as they measure their impact regularly and continue to be a significant contributor to the region’s development. 

Free-of-charge hospitality school

The Shinta Mani opened a free-of-charge hospitality training school in 2004 to provide underprivileged Cambodian youth with skills to secure future employment.

Pioneering healthy and natural vegetables

Through a partnership with the World Vegetable Centre and USAID, Shinta Mani has developed an experimental farm dedicated to the development of durable crops without the use of pesticides and harmful fertilisers. They make use of age-old practices by planting natural pest repellents like marigolds and lemongrass, as well as specific seed selection to promote natural farming.

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