The North East, Zambia

Shiwa Ng’andu Estate

The Stately Manor House of Sir Stewart Gore-Browne

Wildlife, adventure and historic activities await

Located in fairly wild and remote area of north-eastern Zambia, where the Great Rift Valley tails off, and amongst 22,000-acres of private wildlife sits this very comely English manor and landscape gardens that seem straight out of the home counties.

This is the estate and manor house built in 1914 by the Englishman Sir Stewart Gore-Browne. He bought the land and lake (already named Shiwa Ng’andu meaning Lake of the Royal Crocodiles) from a local chief, building himself almost a ‘little England’; in the Zambian bush and a large farming estate to sustain itself (it once had a school, hospital and the workers cottages are still there). Gore-Browne became a prominent figure in both the colonial administration of Africa and in Zambian history (he was mentor to Zambia’s first president in 1966), helping to effect a very smooth and peaceful transition of independence for this country.

Today the red brick gatehouse with clock tower, Tuscan courtyard, stables, library, heavy wood furniture, tapestries, paintings and rugs echo its inception as an English stately manor house and been kept as such, converted to a hotel (currently run by Sir Stewart’s eldest grandson Charlie and his wife Jo) giving guests who stay here both a very unique, historical and comfortable stay. The delicious food served here at Shiwa comes straight off the farm, and taking high tea on the lakeshore is a must.

Still very much a working farm, there is plenty of game, wildlife, adventure and historical activities keep you both busy and entertained at Shiwa make it well worth the journey here.


4 Manor House rooms

4 Farmhouse rooms


Nature drives

Guided walks

Boating and rafting

Swimming pol

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