When is the Best Time to Go to Morocco?

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Written by
Emily Opie & Tess Van der Winsor

Morocco's varied landscapes mean that the best time to go to Morocco depends on where you want to go and what you want to do.

Spring and Autumn are warm and sunny across the country. This is a great time for exploring cities, climbing mountains or sleeping out in the desert.

Winters are mild and summer is extremely hot, but there are many pleasant retreats that can be found in both seasons.

March - November
Camping in the Sahara
October - April
Gardens and orchards in blossom
Mar - May

Best Time to...

Spring & Autumn

Shop Morocco’s Souqs

Marrakesh and Fes, with their legendary souqs, are best explored in spring, from March to May, when days are sunny and fresh. Autumn - September to November - is also a good time as the summer’s heat has subsided. The height of summer can average over 30°C (86°F), often feeling more than that in the sweltering and crowded souks. Winter is pleasant but gets cold at night, when a fireplace in your room is most welcome, but you’ll have less people to contend with.

Year round

Visit the Coast

The coast can be visited year-round. Winters are mild and there’s a particularly dry climate from March to October. Cooled by ocean winds, even the summer months rarely see temperatures above 26°C (79°F), and the waters are at their warmest, but this is also the time when many Moroccans seek respite from the cities inland. Essaouira’s near constant wind between May and November makes this one of the best spots in the region for wind and kite surfing.

Spring & Autumn

Go Hiking

The High Atlas Mountains can be enjoyed at any time of year. Once again, the spring and autumn months are best, with mild weather making it the best time for serious hiking. In the summer, the mountains are still relative respite from heat of the cities, and the winter months get very cold with snow on the peaks, which can be spectacular though not ideal for those looking to head out on treks.

October - May

Camp in the Sahara Desert

South of the mountains, the best time to explore the Moroccan Sahara is during the slightly cooler months from October to May. In December and January, nights can sometimes drop below freezing, but camps here will provide you with plenty of warm blankets. The height of summer, from June to August, is too hot and the sun too intense so many camps are closed during this period.

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