Moroccan Sahara, Morocco

Dar Ahlam Nomad, Zagora

A private and romatic camp

A nomadic camp offering you the best of the Moroccan Sahara

Moving twice a year to follow the best weather, Dar Ahlam offers a summer camp as well as their Dune’s camp for the winter months. The Dune’s Camp is open during the cooler months from late September to early May. The romantic private camp is set up deep into Morocco’s portion of the Sahara on the ancient salt lake of Iriki some five hours south of Dar Ahlam in Skoura, Dune’s Camp is the spot for an unforgettable night in the desert.

Surrounded on all sides by rippling sands that stretch to the horizon, you’ll find your tent set up for you, spacious and airy with a comfortable bed, sitting area and bathroom with reed mats, Berber cushions and vintage furniture. Enjoy your time here exploring your own corner of this magical landscape before watching the sunset from atop a dune, aperitif in hand. Walk barefoot back to camp along a path of lanterns to a dinner by the campfire under an astonishing night sky, awaking with the first light to a delectable breakfast.

As the weather warms up, the camp moves to the beautiful Valley of the Roses, offering you refuge from the desert sun. Your canvas-wrapped tent offers you a cozy sanctuary where you can relax on Moroccan textile-covered cushions, breathing the scent of specially crafted fragranced candles from celebrated French perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. Explore the surround area and caves during the day, and when you return to camp, allow your dedicated butler and the camp team treat you to delicious meals beside a crackling bonfire.


Spacious and airy private tent

En-suite bathroom

Gourmet dinner and breakfast

Engaging cultural excursions

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