A far-flung corner of authentic African rapture


Facilities & services

  • Dome tents
  • Canvas basins
  • Bucket showers
  • Long-drop toilets
  • Dining area


  • Visits to local Mursi village
  • Boat trips
  • Bird watching
  • Fossil hunting
  • Nature walks

Only reachable by boat and foot, this rustic camp, set on the banks of the Omo River, is incredibly and enticingly remote, particularly to those in search of a genuine camping experience, with no running water and minimal electricity.

Dome tents scattered across the red earth, amongst the trees, encircle a communal dining area. Each tent can accommodate two people on single cots, with soft mattresses, and in front of the tents, there’s a table and chairs, ideal for sipping on coffee in the cool of the morning and nursing a G&T as the sun sets. There’s also a mirror and simple canvas basin, which can be filled with hot water, a bucket shower in a separate cubical, as well as a long-drop toilet.

A highlight of this camp is its walking distance to a Mursi village, and the Mursi locals often use the camp as their market. Bird viewing, boat trips down the river, nature walks and fossil hunting are some of the many available options for exploration of this beautiful area.




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