A classic tented safari camp


Facilities & services

  • Ten luxury tents
  • Swimming pool
  • Solar array


  • Day and night game drives
  • Mokoro excursions
  • Walking safaris
  • Elephant walks and interaction
  • Scenic helicopter safaris

If you are looking for the traditional tented romance of the 19th-century explorers, Stanley’s Camp is the perfect fit. There is a very tangible feel of adventure when staying here, not only because of the understated but surprisingly sophisticated accommodation but the position right in a private concession in the Okavango Delta.

Each of the ten tented pavilions stand on stilts with their own decking, hammock and en suite bathroom. Hardly seeming like tents given their high standard of comfort, there is a double bed frame of mahogany trussed with crisp white linen and surrounded by furniture that harks back to opulent colonial exploration – collapsible tray tables and luggage racks, a writing desk and traditional lamp fittings.

The large sitting and dining tent at the centre of the camp is similarly decorated with chandelier lights, desk lamps, comfy sofas, leather armchairs, African textiles and patterns, and all congregated in front of a well-stocked bar.

Changing with the seasons, the Delta can look very different and the wildlife you see will change with it; here is best for buffalo herds and the spectacle of their migrations, along with wild dogs and giraffe. Spot hippos, crocodiles and genets when out on your canoe safaris gliding through the lilies and tranquil watery veins of the delta. Then when you get the chance to go on a nocturnal safari, keep your eyes peeled for leopard and hyena. The elephant walking tour is an additional activity but it’s a simply wonderful experience to stroll along with these peaceful grey giants.

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