Jacada Photo Journal: Kenya

Plan with peace of mind

Although I have been to Kenya a number of times, it never ceases to amaze me. Whilst on location for our Kenya film, I was lucky enough to stay in some beautiful lodges and meet many wonderful people. Not to mention the unforgettable encounters with some of the world’s most impressive and admired wildlife. Here is a small selection of photos from my visit.

We started our trip in the southern region of Kenya, on the border with Tanzania, staying at Ol Donyo Lodge. From our rooms it was possible to see this watering hole and in the afternoon we ventured to take a closer look at where these two old, grumpy bull elephants were hogging the supplies – none of the other animals dared to contend.

As the sun rose, it created a spectacular ethereal mist around the looming peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro.

These rangers work for Big Life, an anti-poaching foundation funded in part by Great Plains and working closely with Ol Donyo Lodge.  Their work has been a big success, as poaching has decreased drastically, their next challenge, as animals and people are living in closer proximity to one another, is the effects of human-wildlife conflict.

Situated in Solio, in the rolling foothills of the Abederes, were these lounging crash of rhinos. This private reserve is renowned for its success in the conservation of the rhino population.

A rare sighting! This striped hyena momentarily glanced back at the camera before darting off to consume the final part of its buffalo dinner.

Seemingly unperturbed by human presence, this journey of giraffes casually strolled by as we sat down to eat breakfast in the glow of the morning sun.

Following Solio, we continued on to the Samburu region of Kenya, staying at Sasaab lodge. We were witness to a wonderful party, thrown by local members of the Samburu tribe.

Our final stop took us to the Maasai Mara where we spotted this young lion, almost camouflaged, in the golden fronds of grass.

This is what you call an inquisitive hyena! He bravely ventured away from his family towards the jeep, where I was able to capture a close-up.

The king of the jungle – a truly magnificent and majestic animal, with a mane to match.

As we floated by in a hot air balloon, it was fantastic to see this multi-generational herd of elephants amble along the plains – the perfect ending to my visit.


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