Sleek lodges perched on the tranquil cliffs off Disco Bay


Facilities & services

  • On-site gourmet restaurant serving complimentary breakfast
  • Panoramic views of the glistening Disco Bay
  • Solar panel heating and hot water
  • Private balconies on which to watch the arctic wildlife


  • Explore Disko Bay by boat
  • Watch out for whales in the bay
  • Discover Sarqardliup Glacier
  • Hike to the fascinating remains of two abandoned settlements

Perched on the edge of Ilimanaq’s rocky cliffs, you’ll find 15 luxury sea front cabins, striking in their sleek modern architectural design yet also reminiscent of a cosy Scandinavian cabin.

Designed to blend with the landscape, their charcoal roofs and the green outer walls perfectly fit with the surrounding cliff and its flecks of greenery. Each cabin provides a balcony for you to enjoy the crisp air with warming a cup of tea, as you watch the awe-inspiring whales swim in the fjord in front of you.

The inside is no less thought out, with a clean and uncluttered, modern interior the lodges provide the ultimate space for perfect relaxation, aiding by the triangular, panoramic window pane covering both floors of the lodge, bringing the tranquility of the outside, in. This design boasts endless views of the magnificent Ilulissat ice fjord which glitters in a beautiful golden hue at both sunrise and sunset, from both the comfort of your bed or the downstairs sofa, to ensure it is never missed.

On the lower level, you’ll find your bathroom with all the amenities of a usual hotel, such as running hot water, yet unlike a usual hotel the hot water along with the heating, are products of the solar panels lining the roof and making the most of the midnight sun. The lodges are ecologically responsible and ensure any surplus electricity from the solar panels is sold cheaply to the village and the locals.

The lodges do not stand entirely alone among this frozen wilderness, for here you’ll find a reception log house and an adjacent gourmet restaurant, which will serve you a complimentary Mediterranean breakfast buffet to ensure you are well fed for your arctic adventures ahead.

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