Easter Island, Chile

Nayara Hangaroa

A remote retreat in Easter Island

Immerse yourself in the history of Easter Island

Located on the enigmatic Easter Island in Chile, Nayara Hangaroa is a luxury retreat that pays homage to the Orongo ceremonial village. The hotel’s grass roofs and harmonious colours and textures seamlessly blend with the natural landscape, creating an intimate connection to the earth, island history and the planet.

The rooms, with their open floor plans, reflect the vastness of the ocean. Floor-to-ceiling windows welcome the rhythmic sounds of the waves, enhancing the serene decor crafted from cypress logs, clay and volcanic stone.

After a day of exploration, take a stroll through the lush gardens or unwind in the pool to watch the breathtaking island sunset. From your private terrace, you can take in majestic views of the Pacific Ocean. Poerava, the hotel’s restaurant, offers both indoor and al fresco dining and serves traditional Rapa Nui and international cuisine. Enjoy ceviches, carpaccios and stone-cooked tuna, all complemented by spectacular ocean vistas. The wine list features exquisite Chilean wines, perfect for wine pairing dinners.

The spa at Nayara Hangaroa is a sanctuary of tranquillity, modelled after an ancient Manavai — a stone circle used to protect crops from the wind and conserve water. Surrounded by white sand and serene corridors, the spa embodies the essence of Manavai, a place where you can feel the power, energy and purity of the earth. 


Enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean from the comfort of your room or the hotel terrace

Savour Chilean wines and enjoy wine pairing dinners featuring selections from the best South American wineries

Relax at the spa, designed to emulate ancient stone circles

Dine at Poerava, serving a blend of traditional Rapa Nui and international dishes

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