About Us


We let you know more about us and the kind of special luxury trips we put together for our guests here at Jacada Travel.

About Us

AlexJacada Travel, plan completely private, tailor-made, luxury trips, but with heart and personality.

One of the things I love about what we do, and what we can do for clients here, is push the people slightly out of their comfort zone…so we can give people the confidence to do something a little bit different. So maybe they’ve got lots of comfort in that trip, lots of really nice places to stay, but maybe a little bit of an adventure…and you need to speak to someone who really knows their stuff, who’s been there, lived it and done it. And we can do that for people.

George: We’ve all lived and worked in the areas we specialise in and we really take pleasure in the little details, the special touches, getting off the radar and maybe finding that special little steak restaurant in Buenos Aires that isn’t in the guide books yet. Things like that make us different.

Byron: I’m sending you to my home country, I’m sending you to my home continent. I often tell clients – it sounds lame but it’s true – this is where I’d take my family if I am arranging a family trip. That’s how I think about it: if this was my family, would I be happy with this trip? If these were my parents, would I be happy with sending them here?

Tess: We are creating unforgettable experiences. It sounds a bit corny when you say “trip of a lifetime”, but they really are. You know, we have people that nine times out of ten say “that was the best trip we’ve ever done”.

Alex: All the way through you have someone looking after you, and that’s something people feedback to us all the time. It’s about how they really feel taken care of, they feel they’re in a pair of safe hands, and that’s so important to people.

Tess: It’s not a cookie-cutter mould, it really is experiential, tailor-made and we take the time to listen to people. It sounds obvious but we actually really do care. You know, we really want our clients to have the best time possible. It’s important to us.

Alex: What makes a Jacada trip special are the people that you meet on the trip and the care and the passion that everybody puts into it. From the travel designers, to the guides, the people who are looking after you in the hotel, every step of the way they are passionate about travel, but also about doing a great job. They really know what responsibility they have and that shines through.

KateI think, when you go away and travel, you remember that forever, and it’s great to think that we are creating really special memories for people.