Pioneering tented and mobile safari


Facilities & services

  • En suite tents
  • Tailor made mobile safaris
  • Specially adapted 4WD vehicles


  • Game drives
  • Guided jungle walks
  • Kayaking
  • Cultural excursions to Kataragama and Sithulpawwa
  • Full day excursions into less visited Blocks

Kulu translates as untamed, a most fitting name for this authentic, ecologically minded safari camp.

The base camp has large custom made tents secured on raised wooden platforms, each with a small deck area for an evening drink, en suite bathroom and hot shower.

Expertly guided game drives on modified Land Cruisers, kayaking and jungle walks will let you really get a feel for this stunning region. The camp is ideally situated to explore the multiple sectors of Yala National Park, with the majority of safaris in Block 1. However, for guests staying three or more nights, full-day excursions into the far less frequented Blocks 3, 4, 5, and Lunugamvehera National Park can be arranged.

For truly tailor-made camping experiences, mobile safari options can be planned to suit specific requests in smaller, yet still comfortable tents. This is an adventurous option for groups looking to get entirely off the beaten path, and that Kulu’s mobile clients include world renowned nature documentary filmmakers is testament to their expertise.

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