Jacada Photo Journal: A magical journey through Finnish Lapland

Written by
Hanna Fischer

Published on: March 17th, 2020

Last modified: August 3rd, 2022

Finnish Lapland is truly magnificent - whether you’re on a mission to find the real Father Christmas, bask in the midnight sun, or gaze up at the dancing Northern Lights, this slice of Scandi heaven offers a magical escape.

We caught up with our Finland expert Hanna to learn more about her recent journey through this magical land.

Cozy Lodges

Typical Finnish lodges feature log wood walls and fluffy carpets, inviting all of their guests to spend a cozy evening in front of the fireplace. As you gaze out of floor-to-ceiling windows, be sure to watch out for snow rabbits and other animals popping by for a visit. After the sun sets, enjoy convivial conversations with your fellow guests over a well-deserved glass of wine. 


Foodie Finland

When I was first told we were going to have lunch in the wilderness, my expectations weren’t very high. Then, I got to watch how the team cooked pancakes over an open fire before my eyes, and my stomach suddenly peaked with interest. Topped with fresh berries and cream, these pancakes are still the best I’ve ever tasted!


Snowmobiling through the Arctic circle

Frozen lakes, snow-covered trees and clear starry skies – that is the magic of heading out into the night above the Arctic Circle. If you’re lucky, the Northern Lights will dance through the sky for you, but even if you don’t manage to catch a glimpse of them, the experience of riding through the snowy scenery is exhilarating and humbling in itself. 



Four-legged Friends

Meeting the energised four-legged friends who make dog sledding possible is so much fun! I was glad we got to take time meeting and cuddling the huskies, whilst also learning more about the farm and how the dogs are held. At this particular lodge, they were well looked after, which cleared some of my reservations towards dog-sledding. After making new furry friends, I went out on a beautiful ride through the Finnish winter forest, enjoying both sitting in the sleigh and steering it myself. 


A Winter Escape

A dreamy escape in remote Saariselka, Javri Lodge is surrounded by forests, lakes and rivers. The 13 rooms make for a very close-knitted social atmosphere, and I loved the guest lounge areas which really make you feel at home. To unwind after a day of exploring, there are also saunas and an in-house swimming pool. The meals on offer are simply delicious too, and are all crafted with local seasonal ingredients. This is definitely an escape that makes you forget about time! 


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