Luxury Resort Style on a Tropical Island


Facilities & services

  • 84 guestrooms
  • Private pools and beaches
  • Over-water spa
  • Two restaurants and a bar
  • Tennis court and gym
  • Wi-Fi


  • Swimming
  • Fitness

Following a luxury boat ride, arrive onto the tropical haven of Hon Tre Island where rest and luxury is of utmost importance and world-class services are vastly provided.

Set in idyllic grounds with private beaches just moments away, the wide array of plush coastal villas here feature sea views and bundles of comfort. Meanwhile the more luxurious rooms such as the duplex villas and presidential residence boast private terraces with their own pools.

This exotic resort is also home to international and local dining, ensuring all tastes are satisfied. What’s more, leisure is well taken care of with a gym, tennis court and wonderful over-water spa which offers complete relaxation as you float over the peaceful waves.

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