Relaxed floating comfort on the Mekong


Facilities & services

  • Twelve cabins
  • Dining room
  • Bar
  • Kitchen
  • Two large shaded decks


  • Temple tours
  • Waterfall visits

Enjoy floating comfort aboard the Vat Phou during your Mekong River cruise. Stopping off to discover ancient Khmer ruins and natural waterfalls, this is a cultural, relaxed and wonderfully comfortable journey through Laos.

Oriental design graces this converted ferry from its twelve cabins to the dining room and large shaded decks. When you’re not out exploring the ever-changing scenery and river life, lounge on the upper deck to escape the midday sun and take in lovely sunset views.

Dining is also well taken care of with a tasty set menu of Lao, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines served up by an excellent onboard team.

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