Expansive and colonially styled river steamer


Facilities & services

  • 24 rooms
  • Main dining room and saloon bar
  • Spa deck
  • Art gallery, library and shop
  • Lecture and meeting room
  • Wireless internet


  • Jungle and river speedboat rides
  • Local market visits
  • Massage
  • Educational talks
  • Cooking classes
  • Ship tour

Cruise along the Mekong in a beautifully crafted cruiser where the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and the service is superb. With a staff to guest ratio of one to one, you can expect truly attentive hospitality, while the comfortable rooms all enjoy a good amount of space.

Besides space and comfort, each of the rooms features an impressive amount of facilities from a contemporary bathroom to personal deck space to an iPad and Kimono. Meanwhile dining is taken care of with local dishes and exotic cuisine served up al fresco, alongside an impressive wine list.

When you’re not out exploring the river or local markets, take in the scenic views from the vast observation deck and indulge in a relaxing spa treatment. For more cultural moments cooking classes, educational talks and cultural performances are also available on board.

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